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Pvc freeze damage

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    Re: Pvc freeze damage

    Originally posted by NHMaster3015 View Post
    I am not at all unhappy with myself. I don't tolerate BS from anybody. If you can't back up the crap you post than don't post it. Think before you post.

    Time to close this one up.
    I've proved you wrong so many times ...its time to close you down. You argue about anything with anyone....and your wrong ALOT.

    Like those gas regulators not being approved for in a house. Your wrong
    Like 3/8 od copper not being able to carry the load for a water heater.Your wrong.
    Tile guys not being able to install toilets. Your wrong.

    If you cant find anyone to argue with on professional forums you go to a homeower/DIY forums and start an arguement with them....I've read them.

    So i think your mad at yourself because your finding out your not the end all be all you thought you were.

    try to go have a good time this weekend...get out and get some fresh air. relax.