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This is Halarious !!!

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  • This is Halarious !!!

    Homeowner / Hack

    Working on his own Water heater ...

    I would have had this thing fixed in 20 Minutes enjoy !

    "So, I replaced BOTH thermostats, amd the releif valve (which was sticking a bit). I just got this email from the tenant:
    Ok we still have a problem with the water heater, and this time it made a bigger mess! Starting with after you fixed it, we didn't have any problems until that next night we didn't have hot water again, but we unscrewed the plates and hit the restart button and it heated the water up and we had hot water again. We have had to restart it a few times because it won't heat the water, I don't know why. So this afternoon while we were home it randomly started pouring out, and we quickly turned the breaker off and let it chill for a while. We turned it back on a while later and didn't have a problem. Then tonight sometime between 11:00-11:30 it leaked BAD and is all over the laundry room, bathroom, dining room, a litle into the kitchen and into our room again!
    NEW thermostat bad - or something else? "

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    Re: This is Halarious !!!

    As long as they saved money on the first day