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Insulating a tub?

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  • Insulating a tub?

    I'm getting ready to install a new cast iron tub and was wondering if anyone has ever added spay foam insulation to the underside cavity areas to aid in noise dampening and insulation.

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    If you have baseboard heating then put 4' of heat under the tub. I have stuffed insulation under them also when heat wasn't available.


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      Beware the expanding foam insulation. If your tub is cast iron as you stated, the noise factor shouldn't be applicable. As for insulation, I would go with the spray foam because it will retain it's R value better wet than fiberglass. I say beware because of a job I did a few years ago. I installed a shower stall in a basement and the client was upset because the base had some bounce around the drain. So I drilled a hole through the drain below the base and injected some foam isulation to fill the void. The majority of the base was filled with a dry cement mix for leveling and sturdiness. I sprayed too much and the next thing you know, this foam actually lifted the base from the floor. Not one of my better days. Good luck.