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  • Bet That Wasn't Cheap!

    If you have to, you have to.


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    Re: Bet That Wasn't Cheap!

    I like how the guy is talking while power tools are being used...and there is music blaring as well...they use dewalt tools then some cheap *** pliers....but yea i bet that's probably a $800 to $1000 repair

    Nice video overall!!
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      Re: Bet That Wasn't Cheap!

      i just finished a boiler job using 3" copper pipe and i love the propress
      and i did not have ant leaks
      pictures coming soon

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        Re: Bet That Wasn't Cheap!

        2.5''-4'' xlc/ copper fittings use a shear ring to bite into the copper. i believe that just cutting the shear ring with a grinder/ die grinder would achieve the same results without exposing the vertical riser to all the copper shavings that fell into the line while cutting with the saw.

        a 4'' tee would be approx $150. and if you're proficient in this work, it shouldn't take 30 minutes total for the replacement.

        1/2''-2'' would not be the same style repair as the fitting and copper tube actually get crimped.

        phoebe it is


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          Re: Bet That Wasn't Cheap!

          Agree they should have put some thought into protecting the system from contamination. Simply laying a clean rag over the open ends of the pipe or slipping a plastic bag and taping it tight would go a long way toward keeping the system clean. Can't do much about the swarf from the cut on the riser, its gonna get int he pipe no matter what. So hopefully their plan includes flushing the system to remove it. On the horizontal runs it an easy matter to reach in and remove any swarf/filings, at in this size pipe.
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            Re: Bet That Wasn't Cheap!

            I love the propress - Such a nice tool!

            Thanks for posting that video JC!

            Good to see more cool tools at work!


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              Re: Bet That Wasn't Cheap!

              3" pro press elbow $ 121.95
              3" swett elbow $ 22.23

              Such a deal I have for you oyyyyyy


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                Re: Bet That Wasn't Cheap!

                Metallica Obey your Master! hahaha Fitting song for the job, pun intended.