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Would any of you be willing to answer the following questions?

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    Re: Would any of you be willing to answer the following questions?

    1) Are you satisfied with your current employment?

    Y/N No

    2) Are you actively looking for career opportunities outside of skilled labor?

    Y/N No

    3)Are you associated with a labor union?


    4) Are you optimistic about the future of the industry?

    Y/N No

    5) Are you fairly compensated for you effort?

    Y/N No

    6)Are Plumbers, in general, paid too much money?

    Y/N No

    7) As a nation why are/will we have difficulty encouraging young people to pursue a career in the trades? In school the only people they let take trades classes are those students who have no future of academic excellence.

    Additional Comments: Being a tradesman is a risky occupation with limited benefits. When you work for company you basically get used up. They will work you from sun up to sun down. You will be on call and rarely get any support. Your family ties will suffer greatly as a result. You will also be going to trade school two-three nights a week for 4-5 years.

    If work is slow that week you just get sent home with no pay. If it stays slow you get layed off and they might call you back. This in turn affect how many hours you need to fulfill your licensing requirements.

    If you should become injured on the job you will be discarded so quick you won't see it coming. Being that the trade world is small, other companies will find out about your injury and seal your fate of never getting employed by another local company.

    The moderate success you will see will be from how well you can sell. If you can't sell products it will affect you income and your employment. Being skilled is only a part of being a tradesman.

    The only way to assure some level of accomplishment is to be self-employed with minimal employees as you see a large majority of the members here are of such.

    This in turn, will lower the wages of tradesman because large companies will have difficulty competing with the low overhead of a one man band guy working out of his garage or shed. Two examples of this would be workman's comp. and unemployment insurance.

    As the trend of being self employed continues the competition to compete for work will result in even lower pay due to the influx of self employed tradesmen seeking their piece of the pie.

    9) May I use you as a reference for a possible article in PM Magazine?

    Y/N Yes
    Anyone can tear a man down, few can build one up.