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takin my jrnymns test please help!!

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  • takin my jrnymns test please help!!

    so finally after five years i am finally scheduled on the 12th of this month to take my Colorado plumbing test and i was hoping you guys could share some input. i've got a few questions to start with.

    my union hall has been very gracious and given me all the test prep stuff i should need. i have all the flash cards for both the plumbing and fuel gas sides and have found these to be very helpful. i can go through about 95% of these and get them with no problems. i also think i'm pretty familiar with the code books. i was just curious though if anyone knew of any websites that offer practice tests that are state specific. i think that that would be a great indicator of where i'm really at. so far i haven't found any. secondly i was wondering if anyone else had used the flash cards and found them beneficial when it came to actually taking the test. my concern is that the questions on the exam are going to be completely different from the cards.

    anyways, any advice or things to look out for would be greatly appreciated. thanks again.

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    Re: takin my jrnymns test please help!!

    Make sure you know your Drainage Fixture Unit Values.

    Make sure you read each question carefully. As you know 1 word could make the obvious answer wrong.

    Good Luck


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      Re: takin my jrnymns test please help!!

      Before I went for my Contractors license I also looked to test myself. What I found was contradicting information from what our code says and what the book said.

      I believe you will do just fine if your doing 95% on the flash cards. Remember you don't need 100% to pass.

      Keep a positive attitude, you can do it!
      Anyone can tear a man down, few can build one up.


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        Re: takin my jrnymns test please help!!

        I played pool and drank beer till 2am the night before my Master test and stilll made in the 90's and only took 2-3 hrs instead of 7 hrs to take the test. When you know it,you know it. Sounds like you know it but your just nervous......relax and understand the question before you answer them.


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          Re: takin my jrnymns test please help!!

          don't over think it. you're fine

          you want a good laugh. look around at your fellow test takers and think to yourself, do all of them really have the knowledge and skills of the trade

          then when you're ready for your contractors license, think about it again

          now you see why the states need to toughen up the requirements and the test.

          just your first post, i already know you're going to pass no problem. you'll also finish it way before the majority and most likely first. thinking to yourself why did i worry so much

          i would wish you good luck, but you don't need it

          instead i'll be the first one to congratulate you on passing your test

          welcome to the forum and keep coming back.

          phoebe it is


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            Re: takin my jrnymns test please help!!

            Be sure you know the table to convert GPM to fixture units for sizing. When I took my test my buddy did not know that table and it almost ruined his drain sizing portion of the test.

            Also there is a strong emphasis on water protection, back flow, RP, Vac breaker etc.

            In Oregon we can wet Vent certain fixtures. I don't know the CO code but if you can wet vent be sure to know the limits and sizing increases.

            Once your test starts write all of your memorized tables down and be sure there correct before you answer any F.U. or sizing questions. Also They may try and get you with intermittent discharge vs constant flow for trap sizing on indirect waste.

            I really did not feel I put that much effort into the test and expected modest score. I was surprised when I found I had the Highest score in the state of Oregon that year. So bottom line is if you know it you will pass.

            Good Luck