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Anyone heard of E water by Amway

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  • Anyone heard of E water by Amway

    Hi I have been asked to install these E Spring units by Amway. They are some "high tech" unit that has a carbon filter then a UV light to kill all the kreepy crawlers. I am interested if anyone has seen them previously or used them.


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    Re: Anyone heard of E water by Amway

    I have seen them and put one in for my folks, (in my opinion there a very over priced filter),
    it has been a good number of years since I put it in, but they do filter and sterilize the water the way I remember it there just for a drinking water or cooking unit, the way I remember it sets on the counter, or theres did, and had a faucet diverter, the replacement filter is over $100 to nearly $200, (two are listed on the page) and the cheap unit starts at over $550,

    here is there price page,

    my wife was nearly talked in to one, I did some quick Internet search and could have bought a system or pieced a system that did UV and carbon filtration, for the entire farm for a lot less than there counter top unit with a faucet diverter, we sent in a water sample to be tested and there was nothing that needed treatment,

    Amway / Quixtar has some good products, but In my opinion there nearly all over priced, and if one gets into the "Business" it will end up costing most people big time, even there "wholesale" price on items that the IBO get are high retail in price,

    do some searching and get a stand along UV light sterilization unit and a good carbon filter, and save your self some money if you feel you need that much of a system, Is my opinion.

    Just for example here is a company that sell UV treatment units, and they have a 15 gallon a min unit for about $600, and there small unit at 4 gallon a min, is $300. one can buy a carbon filter,

    you can buy the "whole house filter" housings, from $30 to $100 from Ace, and the filters from a few dollars to about $40 depending on the type,
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