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  • Furgeson Competition

    The latest Reeves Journal reports that Furguson is sponsoring a "fastest plumber competition". It involves setting typical residential bathroom fixtures. You can win $200.00 winning the local contests, and earn $3,000 in the national competition.

    I'm past my fastest phase, but for you younger guys who read this forum, have your boss check with Furguson for information.

    the dog
    the dog

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    I am not a fast plumber.

    I am not a slow plumber.

    I am a half fast plumber.

    Work hard, Play hard, Sleep easy.


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      been there done that. price phister had a contest a few years ago with their "twist fit" wide spread faucet. 20 seconds won a dewalt cordless. insinkerator and moen have done similar speed contest. a good way to attract lots of lookie-loos at the local supply houses and trade shows.
      havn't been to ferguson but a hand full of times since they swapped from familian. don't think this will bring me in.



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        Furguson is by far, I mean by far, not my favorite supply house. But they are used extensivly by large contractors because of their job account prices. I get in trouble regularly because our purchasing negotiates a price, but furguson fails to deliver properly. I then take it upon myself to order outside the set-up job account, because I have to get the job done. So I agree with you completely.


        I'm not even half-fast anymore.

        The post was for young bucks who work for companies dealing with Furguson. Hey, make some dollars if it is available. Your company might even support you in it.

        the dog
        the dog