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Hope you West Coast guys are Ok

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    Re: Hope you West Coast guys are Ok


    What is your point.
    Legal or not?

    Illegal...Out...We cannot support it any longer.

    My government has screwed every blue collar worker in my country.

    Racism and prejudice.
    No longer is whitey hired on the jobsites."How can I justify hiring you,my guys are all hispanic."
    This is being repeated to me by many of my unemployed network seeking employment.

    How can a guy live supporting his family.
    When 20 million other guys are living paying 200 bucks a month for rent while loading up his woman with 400 dollar a month income babies that the other illegal family members take care of with the help of their food stamps.

    I'm in an area that shows the core of the situation that has been growing for years and about to explode there by forever changing what you in the other states think is untouchable.