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New guy looking for some dispatch program opinions

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  • New guy looking for some dispatch program opinions

    Hi all jeff here from south florida . i have a service and repair company and have been lurking here for a few months. i am looking to purchase a dispatch program such as wintec pro, maio successware and was just wondering your opinions. i did search and found the article about wintec but that was about all thanks and nice to meet y'all

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    Re: New guy looking for some dispatch program opinions

    Jeff - What features or capabilities of a dispatch system are you primarily interested in? Dispatch is one the items that we're testing/piloting with our RIDGIDConnect offering and we're really looking for someone to help us "kick the tires" so to speak. The capabilities are developed but some remain hidden on the site as we look to prove out what we've built.

    You can log in to the RIDGIDConnect site and assign jobs to your employees, schedule them throughout the day, and give them a priority indicator.

    Our application offers mobile apps for both the BlackBerry and Android platforms. The applications allow your users to check in, check out, and start and stop breaks. Only while they are checked in will the GPS coordinates being reported by their device be transmitted up to the site.

    From the perspective/role of a manager, you can log in to the website and view the status of all your employees to identify whether they're currently clocked in, on a break, etc. You can see their most recent position as well as track their coordinates for the current day while they were clocked in.

    Here's an example of what that interface looks like:

    From the perspective of an employee, you can see the jobs and tasks that are assigned to you for that day. Your employees can also update the status of that job (Not Started, En Route, In Progress, etc.) and then mark it as completed. These all update what the manager can see from the website. Here are some screenshots:

    These capabilities are included in the pricing structure as defined on the RIDGIDConnect pricing page found here. You'll primarily want to pay attention to the number of users you need to track when selecting which account level works for you. Keep in mind that you can still take full advantage of the other capabilities of RIDGIDConnect around creating multimedia based reports for your customers in the monthly charge mentioned above.

    The "Basic" package, priced at $49.95/mo., supports 5 users. Compare this to the per user prices for other packages and we feel you'll be pleased.

    Feel free to PM me your contact information and we can continue this discussion in greater detail. Thanks!

    Systems Engineer
    RIDGID Software Solutions


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      Re: New guy looking for some dispatch program opinions

      we are looking for a total system to run the office from accounting to inventory control possible bar code scanning for inventory