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    Re: Please tell me you don't.

    Originally posted by Dougie Faucets View Post
    We have used lead bends for a number of reasons on new construction, in slabs as well as in ceilings/floor joists conventional framing.

    First of all, I don't know who is going to pretend they never have had an underground off an inch or so here or there. There are so many different hammer heads on these job sites it is nearly impossible to have everyone pulling their numbers from the same place, and forget about the masons they are brutal on rough-ins. So having a little wiggle room with the lead is a bonus, especially in ADA applications where the numbers are a lot more exacting.

    Second, in some rare cases, where we end up very high in a ceiling at the end of a long run, and a PVC elbow is going to throw the flange too high in the bath. The lead bend allows us to be just about against the bottom of the sub floor and still get a flange on.

    Believe me, the lead bends costs about 30x more than a closet flange so if they didn't have their uses we wouldn't be buying them.
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      Re: Please tell me you don't.

      Originally posted by Plumbingbyjay View Post
      Hello, In my area, there have been a few plumbers still using Lead stubouts for toilets. They run everything else out of pvc, and then use Lead to go from pvc to toilet. I have yet to see one screwed down or installed properly. This one is in a 2002 home and they didn't screw it down, and there were holes in the lead to flange. If you look at the picture with the flashlight, you can see light around the one Single wax ring (no horn). GEE, I don't know why the toilet was rocking, and leaking. If you are still using these lead connections. PLEASE STOP. Run 3" then go into a 4x3 90, run up 4" through the floor and cap it off. When the Builder figures out what flooring he is putting in and you come back for a final install, then cut the pipe, install the flange, DRILL INTO THE CONCRETE AND SECURE THE FLANGE. THOSE LITTLE HOLES IN THE FLANGE AREN'T JUST FOR LOOKS. Oh wait, Never mind, keep doing what your doing. I'll be there in a few years to fix it for a few hundred.
      Wow I didn't know lead bends are still available!

      So how would you connect that to a PVC stack. Is there a brass ferrule already wiped in that you connect with a mission or something? I know maybe one plumber that thinks he can wipe a joint anymore.
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        Re: Please tell me you don't.

        If I happen to be off the mark on roughing-in a water closet, on a concrete slab or not, I'm using a different toilet tank to adjust for it. That's why these manufactures make them.