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So frickin pi$$ed off! PART 2

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    Re: So frickin pi$$ed off! PART 2


    I went around to a elderly client last October she had had the drainman there to camera and see why a cast iron sewerage pipe was leaking under her house and gave a quote to reline 5mts for $10,000.00, I went around and a mate who jetted the sewer and then I camered it and found it was in great condition being only 50 years old but the drainman told the client that the black marks on the inside of the cast iron sewer pipe were rusted through and this was where it was leaking but on closer inspection I found the leak was due to where the waste pipe from the laundry entered a single level inlet off the DT was broken and leaking under the house I charged $1000.00 and the client was happy as larry.

    Tony, seems that it doesnt matter how honest we are, unlessyou have radio advertising like Drainman you dont know what you are talking about. While I am here what do you think of relines/relining???
    It is interesting to note that the Drainman claims to be all licensed plumbers but they dont do general plumbing. Huge bucks in relines mind you. And of course not to mention that he gets lots of support from 3aw essentially Darren James who is the "expert on everything". He used to rave about anotehr bloke, Timbo. I went to school with timmie and he is ordinary to say the least. However I also have to throw a small lifeline in that it comes down to the training and the quality of the employee.