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    is the torque arm required on the k-40g pf?
    in the manuel it mentions it being bennifical for the other models but the powerfeed is not mentioned.
    i have had cable kinking problems with this machine and was wondering if using the torque arm with the powerfeed would cause that.

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    Rain Man,
    The torque arm is standard on all K-40's with the power feed. It is intended to prevent the cable from feeding too far out of the drum, causing it to stop turning and therefore advancing or retrieving. We have not had any issues with it creating problems kinking. I would suggest taking a look at the cable and ensuring that the torque arm is aligned correctly in the drum and that the cable is wound in the right direction. Also feel free to contact our technical service department at 1-800-519-3456 for more advice on this subject.


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      I have had the machine since it was introduced. It ate a cable after three uses. It was returned to shop where it was purchased and nothing was found wrong. I also checked myself for proper installation and wind with no sucess.

      I also have a k-50, mini-rooter, super-vee and a sppedrooter 91. These machines have given me no trouble to date. I first was drawn to the k-40 for its potential to keep the job site clean. Something both my costomers and I value greatly. But because of the binding where the cable leaves the drum and enters the guide hose, i have removed it from service.

      The manuels for my other cleaners say "DO NOT" use the machine in reverse when retriving the cable from the drain for fear of kinking the cable. In the k-40 manuel it asks you to feed the cable back into the machine by hand with the motor in forward when the powerfeed is installed without the guide hose and to just reverse the machine when using the guide hose. Why would the use of a 6' guide hose change the operation of the same machine? I think that a powerfeed/guide hose assembley similar to the larger drain cleaners, and the k-380 would better suit the machine.

      p.s. I am about to purchase the seesnake self-leveling system with the navi-trac and was wouldering if i can get van decals from ridgid? Also can I use the seesnake/ridgid logo for advertizing my service (yellowpages,newspaper, web etc.)?