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  • accident waiting to happen

    I helped a friend opening a new furniture store get some stuff in place, and when he gave the tour of his new store, I could not believe when I saw the bottom of the loading ramp that the inspector passed it as is.
    Every peice of furniture and appliances that will come into the store will come down this ramp. I have a hard time believing that some day someone will not ram this and cause damage to it. The ramp was built after the sprinkler guys finished and left the job. When I asked the gc who is still working onsite finishing up exterior work on the building about it kinda blew it off. Waitin till my next visit down there to see if they managed to get any kinda protection on it.
    If that gets damaged, the amount of dirty sprinkler water that will end up in that storage area and the damage to the furniture......
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    Re: accident waiting to happen

    I would redesign the ramp and / or build a better barrier around the service
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      Re: accident waiting to happen

      Probably should bolt in some of those 3" steel poles around it...somebody wants a future service call....
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        Re: accident waiting to happen

        nice. you might just have your friend bullet proof it. it's his building and his damage when it gets banged. it will. the other thing is that his employees will be hammered on it. just a thought. breid..............


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          Re: accident waiting to happen

          Kinda hard to tell from the pics, but it appears to be an antifreeze loop. I cant really tell from the pic, but is it possible to raise, or relocate, the entire assembly?

          Edited to add: It will be cheaper to move the ramp, if it's possible.
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