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Wall hung tank type toilet

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  • Wall hung tank type toilet

    I have a kohler 4 bolt wall hung tank type toilet that is leaking from either the gasket or the coupler. This toilet has leaked intermittently for the past few years and has damaged the floor and the wall. The homeowner has repaired both, fired his old plumber and called me in to reset the toilet. I reset with the zurn rubber gasket and it leaked. I tried a thicker neoprene gasket and it leaked. From further investagation it looks like it is leaking from the coupler before it gets to the sanitary tee. Is this a common problem that anyone has seen elsewhere. I have done service work for over 10 years and have not run across this problem. O and the previous plumber broke a toilet trying to over tighten a couple years back, I'm wondering if this was the same problem

    Thanks for the help

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    Re: Wall hung tank type toilet

    Is this a first floor? Second Floor? Slab on grade? basement?
    Perhaps settling has caused some shifting of the floor(or joists/wall/etc) causing the carrier to get out of plumb? The overtightening combined with your difficulties makes me think that you are not getting even tension on all 4 bolts. Maybe carrier has shifted (too)?

    Hope you get it figured out


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      Re: Wall hung tank type toilet

      It's been a long time since I've done one but don't they have a black threaded plastic assembly that threads into the carrier? I'd look into replacing that.


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        Re: Wall hung tank type toilet

        the adjustable nipple with a running thread could be an issue along with the face flange that adjust the height. they usually use a very heavy black gasket sealing compound for the joint.

        also rule of thumnb is to only tighten 3 of the 4 bolts and leave a bottom one slightly loose. this allows the toilet to absorb slight movements without breaking.

        phoebe it is


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          Re: Wall hung tank type toilet

          Welcome to the forum crowfoot. Glad to see someone from the area. I just repaired a 4-bolt that was leaking from the tank-bowl bolts even though it appeared to be coming from the seal
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            Re: Wall hung tank type toilet

            Thanks for the input everyone, my customer is on vacation and havent been back to repair the toilet yet.


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              Re: Wall hung tank type toilet

              this is vaguely related,

              I've got several buildings with floor mounted wall discharged tank toilets. These have regular toilet flanges like you'd seen on the floor at the wall. They typically have wax rings, which have failed, hence I get called. There are issues with height as the've all been remodeled and I can't even pull the toilet half the time w/o breaking up tile because they are tiled in. The most recent one the toilet was still 1/2" too high relative to the rough-in after I cut the floor out down to the plywood subfloor.

              My question is, what do you use to seal the toilet to the wall flange? wax? wax with foam rubber insert? make a gasket designed for a carrier work? tell them it all needs done right with a real carrier? what holds up on these?
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