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Shop buildings?

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  • Shop buildings?

    Not sure where this thread should be. But was wondering.....

    Do you have a shop building?

    Did you build it? Contract it?

    Metal kit? Wood traditional?

    Better to lease square footage where you are?

    Thanks for all input.


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    Re: Shop buildings?

    We have an approx. 30x40 Pole barn built on my fathers property that was built for the business.

    Pole Barn was built by the Amish/Mennonites and was a much cheaper way to go. If I'm correct the cost was about $13,000, and was worth every single penny of it.

    Being that we do Plumbing-Heating-A/C and drain cleaning, it has plenty of room to store all of our equipment and material.


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      Re: Shop buildings?

      We used to rent 1600 sq feet parked two of our trucks in it along with all our equipment and a small office space. The lease was for 5 years, then some large leasing corporation took over and when the lease was up they doubled the rent. So with that we went back having the shop back out of the home, using up two 2 car garages to house all the equipment, and the trucks are parked outside.
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        Re: Shop buildings?

        got lucky almost 8 years ago and found a commercial building 1 mile away. 2500' with alley entrance for parking. when i was looking at leasing, prices were 1.50- 2.00 per foot per month

        cost me more for taxes and insurance than my mortgage.

        looking for a bigger place for all my toys

        phoebe it is


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          Re: Shop buildings?

          I used to have it easy I own a another house 10 mi. from where I live and rented the house but used the backyard and shop for all my equipment so was really free! But this year I got a letter saying anything commercial (over 80" wide or registered more than 10k) could not be kept there or they where taking me to court. Around me commercial property is very costly. But I lucked out and found 3500sqft. fenced yard with a couple of cargo containers to be used as tool storage very close to my house. We use a home office for the business. One thing that messes with me is tool repair and maintanace, I use my personal houses shop and basement to do oil changes repair cords etc. I like it because I can just go downstairs and work on something without driving but it clutters my shop with work stuff and I kinda want my personal toys to use the house space. It is a dilema I am currently working on.
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            Re: Shop buildings?

            100 x 80 metal, 4 bays plus office, two story Own


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              Re: Shop buildings?

              My shop was in a leased complex and worked out well for us. That is until the owned decided he wanted all automotive types and we had to move out.

              I have a steel building on Utah that is about 1,300 sq ft. It is a great building and cost around $10,000 for the kit.

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                Re: Shop buildings?

                What ever you do it's never big enough.


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                  Re: Shop buildings?

                  Lease 5500 sq. ft. Built 1100 sq ft shop own 3 steel containers. One I made fabbed into roll off. Same set up as Debera box.
                  Fabbed rollers from pipe ,big channel under.
                  I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .


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                    Re: Shop buildings?

                    I had a old eastern style barn in the farm that had sat basicly unused from 1940's, and and in about 1980, I took the work horse stalls out of raised the hay mow floor, and put my metal shop in the center of it, it is about 30'x48', there are thee sheds on the building of about 15 feet wide and encircle the building except on the front, and I use them for storage, so there are two sheds 16x48, and one that is 16x65 in the rear of the building, so the building meausres about 60'x65' on the foot print,
                    the rear shed is still devoted to animal care, and the rest is shop and storage,
                    I have another building on the place I use for the wood shop,
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