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  • Kohler Trend

    I was going to get me an impact wrench to get apart a Kohler Trend tub valve. You know they so hard to get apart if you dont have one. Your regular tub wrenches don't usually work.

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    Re: Kohler Trend

    A 15/16 deep impact works very well on Trend tub valve stems.
    The problem usually encountered is a lack of clearance around the stem
    to allow for the use of thick walled sockets. On a tile wall, this can
    be a challenge. I use this shop made tool fashioned from a 1 3/4 carbide
    hole saw drilled and tapped to fit a long, threaded escutcheon adapter
    which, being hollow, fits over the protruding stem and centers the saw
    for a cutting a nice, neat hole that can be easily covered by the trim ring.
    A piece of round steel stock is brazed to the other end for chucking into a drill.
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      Re: Kohler Trend

      nice work jim.

      mark and i have a discontinued tool called "expose a valve"

      prety much does what you's does, but an adjustablle depth stop and centering bushings. much more commercail carbide holesaw body.

      very nice design on your end jim.

      phoebe it is


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        Re: Kohler Trend

        Actually, the kudos go to another guy in our shop.
        His name in Rick, also. He doesn't participate on the
        forum but I know he will read this.

        Old style valve stem repairs are becoming rarer.

        That tool is over 15 yrs. old and while the hole saw is getting
        a little dull, it will still cut tile.
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          Re: Kohler Trend

          I love it. thank you