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New sewer, now new sewer smell!

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  • New sewer, now new sewer smell!

    Friend that I don't see very often asked me to see if I could find where the sewer gas was coming from in his basement. I looked around and couldn't really tell where the smell was worse.

    He had a new sewer from street to house installed, trenchless, and the smell started after that.
    He called the company that did it. They send their guy, but he doesn't do anything, says he can't figure it out either.

    Just wondering if any of you fella's might have an idea why this would start after the new install?
    Thanks guys.

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    Re: New sewer, now new sewer smell!

    Hire a plumber / Sewer contractor that does smoke testing. I just did one this week over in Glen Ellyn, IL. The home owner been dealing with the odor for a couple years. I put my smoke machine in his 6" clean out, and quickly found a cracked 4" PVC fitting.
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      Re: New sewer, now new sewer smell!

      If the smoke test is ok...I'm willing to bet it's a dead squirrel or other small rodent.


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        Re: New sewer, now new sewer smell!

        Thanks sewerratz and flux. I'll let him know.