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  • pipe threading

    how many pipe threads can one pail of ridgid nu-clear threading oil , using a model 1822-I & 1224 threading machine? how many 1/2" x 6"nipple
    can one ordinary person produce using the above mention machine under normal condition?

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    This is a difficult question. You are referring to a pail so I am assuming you are referring to a 5-gallon bucket or are you meaning the 1-gallon container. The reason this is so difficult to answer is that there are too many variables that could change the outcome of this. If oil is dripped off the pipe when it is removed then it is lost. If it is wiped off the thread after the cut then the same result occurs. The best way to gage whether or not the oil needs changed is to check the bottom of the sump of the machine. If there were a noticeable residue (pipe Scale) on the bottom of the sump then I would suggest changing the oil and cleaning out the sump with mineral spirits. I hope this is of some assistance.


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      thanks for your assistance. Regarding my question assuming that the operator will be careful have the dripping back to the sump & the nipple will be place in a container for a certainn period so that the excess oil will be collected 7 be use again. what will be the approximate amount of oil be used & qty. of nipple be produce say for one hour or day? I need this for costing.