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    Was under house the other day looking for where water line came in and saw something move thought oh just a cat then realized it was a skunk. I scared it toward the crawl hole and I thought oh $hit but it kept going to other end of house and I got the heck out of there!

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    Re: Any critter stories

    i once planted a rubber snake under my brothers house. he got out of there so fast he bumped his head and dropped his bb gun and survival knife

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Any critter stories

      Cold "for us" winter morning back in NC, I walked out the back door to head for my truck, and noticed my crawl door pushed askew. My first thought was "bum" so I grabbed the wooden sledge hammer handle out of the bed of my truck, used it to flip the door down, thinking I was gonna run this guy off. An opposum pulls back and lets out this unholy hiss at me. I flipped that door right back up and went to work. screw that.
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      No, it's not rocket science, it's plumbing and unlike rocket science it requires a license.


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        Re: Any critter stories

        Got trapped in a crawl space by a pit bull once. The customer automatically let the dog out when they left, not thinking. Well the customer left and the dog wouldn't let me out. He was growling and showing his teeth every time I tried to get out. Long story short,,,, just glad I had the turbo torch with me.


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          Re: Any critter stories

          these are not plumbing related but I think you may enjoy them any way,

          a few years ago I went down to the barn, (the barn has mostly been converted to work and storage areas), any way I roll up a small garage type door, and standing there and my mind was saying some thing is Wong but could not comprehend what it was, finally I stepped back and looked, the pull down rope was about 1 1/2 in diameter, then it donned on me it was a snake hanging there it's head was up in the door frame and about 30" of bull snake was hanging there about 10" in front of my face,
          after I realized what it was, it was not that bad, I took a 2x4 and wrapped it body around a few times and proceeded to pull it out of the door, and then out and over the corral fence,

          but that one kinda startled me,


          here is a calf pulling story, I had this heifer cow that was having trouble calving, so I go out with the pickup truck and check on it, and she having trouble pushing it out, so I decide to help her, she seems fairly calm and did not seem to mind me near her, so I get the OB chain, a short chain that has larger rings on the end of it that you drop the chain through that makes a slip knot for better description, (when a calf is born the front feet start out with the head normally a few inches back and kinda between the legs) so I slip one side of the chain on to the one front foot of the calf and up past the wrist, so I get ready to slip the next one on, and many times to do this you slip it on you hand or arm and feed it up in the cow to find the foot and transfer it on to the calf's leg, all is going well and just about have the chain on and the cow jumps up and starts to run, well the slip knot action is working very well on my wrist, she is running full bore, and I am in tow, I am now making about 30 foot steps and was still up right, about a 1/4 mile later the calf finally comes out she keep going for another 1/4 mile, was I ever glad that calf come out, (just for your information not the recommended way to pull a calf),
          here is some one else more proper way of pulling a calf, (pictures)
          A Calf is Born | Robin Loznak
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