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Toilet to fit under 30" banjo countertop

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  • Toilet to fit under 30" banjo countertop

    Hey folks,

    Is the Toto Supreme my only choice here? Are there other toilets that will fit the bill? Man I hate these countertops!

    1) Must fit under 30 inch banjo countertop.
    2) ADA height seat.
    3) I'd like to stay away from Kohler "lowboy" type toilets if possible.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Re: Toilet to fit under 30" banjo countertop

    remember that you really need 26'' so you can service the tank when needed. hate to have to remove the tank to service a flapper or ballcock.

    back in the early 90's kohler wellworths were very tall tanks. ordered the toilet based on color to match without looking at the installation. turns out there was a banjo top and the toilet wouldn't fit.

    had to use my diamond saw to shorten the tank and re-drill a square hole in the tank for the handle.

    last year i checked and the toilet was still in use and working fine.

    the newer wellworths are lower tank heights.

    kohler makes an ada sloan 1gpf pressure flush 1pc. that will fit under the top. just had 1 a couple months back with the same issue.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Toilet to fit under 30" banjo countertop

      I have had good luck with the newer Kohler Rialto 3386 1.6. It is not ADA height though. For that you need the San Raphael 3597. That is a great toilet.

      So many Kohler haters here.....My dad has had a Rialto for nearly 20 years that has served him very well. I have a customer with a 6 flat with 9 Champlaign one piece toilets that all still work great (all 40 years old next year). I like Kohler. They have served me well for a long time.

      BTW, I did a similar search a couple weeks ago and while Mansfield and Gerber make toilets with 3" flush valves, distributors do not stock them. The new Wellworths might fit, but good luck servicing it in the future. The toilet I just replaced, you had to remove the tank to change the flapper....not cool. The great thing about the Kohlers is the low tank. Very easy access under a banjo top.
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