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    Re: Copper cleaning brushes

    Originally posted by OLD1 View Post
    Yeah there were old timers that would rip you a new as* for turning a fitting brush back and forth.They hollered that you wore em' out faster..Guess I have always been impatient..I like the drill kits That looks sweet.I cannot find a millrose distributor though.I am pretty sold on those drill ones for the fittings and the pipe ends
    .That would work perfect for my little impact that has the 1/4" chuck
    Yep. I like the drill tools when I'm doing a new rough in or a re-pipe job. I get my milwaukee 12V drivers out. Very quick.

    If it's just a few fittings, the oatey or lenox brushes are good....and yes, turn it 1 direction only. The oatey tools have more bristles (denser) and thus hold up longer.

    Once I find that $3K I lost, propress will be the ticket.......