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  • K-50

    Can I use 1/2"x75" solid core cable on my k-50. I just bought use but it's brand new, no manual.It came with 6-5/8"x7' sections of cable. Can I use it straight from the carry case or do I have to use sections at a time?
    Mahalo(Thank you)
    ALOHA Paul

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    K-50 Manual

    . The 1/2" cable you described is not intended for the K-50 machine. The jaws on the machi8ne will not close down far enough to grip the cable properly. Even if they did, the exposed cable sticking out of the end of the guide hose would create mess as well s potentially tangle up.

    You need to use the sectional cables that you received with the machine, and you need to feed them in to the machine one section at a time. When you depress the clutch handle of the machine the cable and anything that is attached to it will spin. If you keep all of the cables in the carrier and attempt to feed it from there, you will damage your cables. Click on the link above this message to go to the online K-50 manual.