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    It's far from a sharkbite fitting.

    #1 it's a permanent connection, not removable.

    #2 the o-ring is a seal once crimped. It's no longer an o-ring as it's crushed and flattened out.

    #3 the fitting doesn't still rotate once crimped.

    #4 it's made for copper and not pex or cpvc.

    phoebe it is


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      I can understand why veterans of the plumbing industry would not feel comfortable using this tool, but it offers way too many benefits for the one man shop that are hard to pass up.

      1) Much quicker install times for water heaters, water line repairs. Time is money when you work alone. I don't want to be in a Houston attic repairing a water line any longer than I have to due to heat exhaustion concerns.
      2) Commercial work is now possible on lines that previously wouldn't shut off all the way.
      3) It allows a more uniform standard to all installs that was previously unavailable with solder work. You can have five different guys with different skill levels solder a fitting five different ways. They all use the Propress the same way, unless theu flub up on a repair coupling.
      4) With Ridgid backing it, it feels like a solid product that will be here to stay.
      5) It's so much nicer not having to worry about using a flame to join copper together. Less risk of damage and burns to self.

      The materials are more expensive, but it pays for itself in being able to finish a jobsite more quickly.


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        It doesn't work to well on black steel because the newer steel pipe alloys tend to corrode faster and it's not worth it for us to buy a pro press unit for the occasional copper system. We can rent the tool if need be.

        There are push on style fittings that with o rings that have been around for about 40 years that literally just push on and your tighten a set screw to lock the fitting in place you only need a 1/2" socket and it only takes a half a turn to lock it in. There fine for about 3 or 4 years until corrosion around the o ring starts up and progressively gets worse. It was very fast installation though, you could pipe a large warehouse in a week, about a thousand 1 1/2" joints.

        All the companies in town started useing them just blasting in warehouses all over town so there really wasn't a competitive edge. Once we started having problems with them, by stopping to use them we regained a competitive edge since now we were getting calls to repair all the leaks. But that's on black steel schedule 40 and 10 pipe.

        Time is money but when everybody does it the same way it's a wash.