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Water main leak.

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  • Water main leak.

    I'm driving onto a freeway onramp yesterday, going around the curve (LOOOONG 90 turn around a blind corner) and observe a "Road subject to flooding sign". There's a great deal of roadwork going on now in this spot. A guy in a green vest on the side of the road is doing the slow down motion dance.

    About 1 second later... around the curve, I see the road is pretty much flooded and getting deeper. Good thing the sprinter has high ground clearance.

    About a second later I see a Front loader Caterpillar with its bucket jammed into the side of the bank trying to slow down a spectacular geyser of water blasting out from the side of the hill. Methinks they hit a water main. Hard.

    Wish I had time to snap a pic, but I didn't.

    All this at morning rush hour. It was going to be a mess.
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