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  • Working when sick...

    I was bitten by a brown recluse and the back of my knee swelled up. Today it was bad and I was limping around every where. Not to mention the poison + meds makes me a bit dopey like having a high fever. I hate rescheduling appointments and inconveniencing clients so I said f' it I am gonna work through it.
    Well I looked like a kook to the clients who don't know me. My regulars told me thanks for the effort but to go home, they'll wait till I am better. I mis-measured things, forgot to crimp a 90, kept forgetting stuff from the truck and had to make several trips.
    Then (this is a real classic) I had to camera and locate a drain line that had roots in it. Turned out some donkey perferated a piece of 2" abs for a laundry drain to make it a grey water drain. The drain was just about an inch under the dirt so I decided to expose it and cut the section out that had roots in it. I forgot to pull my camera out and cut right through the cable (luckily it was only a few inches past the head so not to bad for a fix). Yeah, I felt like a real idiot at that point. I decided it was time to call it quits and go home...
    For us business owners especially one man or small shops its hard to stay home and say no to the calls coming in. But sometimes its better to stay home and get well than go to work and screw it up. Oh and F@#$& brown recluse spiders....
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    Re: Working when sick...

    Those little bugs are not to be taken lightly....they can and will cause serious and permanent damage....just google images of spider bites and you will change your tune about staying home....Plus look at it this way, the world will still spin around and life will go on if you take a bit of a rest....I know its tough to not work being a one man shop, but if you take two days will be better than a week when your leg falls off!!!!
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      Re: Working when sick...

      I didn't know you had the brown recluse in Hawaii. We had them all over in Missouri, but I haven't seen one in Ohio. Hope you get better soon. Some of those bites get pretty serious, but it sounds like you got yours taken care of.

      Sounds like you made the right decision calling it quits for the day.


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        Re: Working when sick...

        It sounds like you would save money staying home
        get well


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          Re: Working when sick...

          ray, what were you doing when you got bitten?

          my uncle was trimming roses in his garden when he got bit in the hand.

          no photos we all know what your jetter looks like. lets see a spider bite

          just think of all the paper work you can get done with the day off

          phoebe it is


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            Re: Working when sick...

            Straighten up that skirt and get back to work Alice, you gonna let an itty bitty spider get you down


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              Re: Working when sick...

              Didnt get bit by no spider, but my 8 month old son spent a night puking crying and shiiting all night never felt so bad for him "and his mom" got absolutly no sleep and my day today would have also been cheaper to stay home. Can relate get well soon.