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How to rebuild TP-250

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  • How to rebuild TP-250

    Any tips on rebuilding a TP-250 pump? I ran it for about 20 hours to keep up with the water in my basement from Irene. Now it doesnt move any water. The motor runs but no water is moving.

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    Re: How to rebuild TP-250

    cant find any documentation on it, but if the base is removable remove it see if it is clean, and if it is see if the impeller is still attached or tight to the shaft, (I do not own this pump, but have had some small pumps and the impeller has loosened on the shaft, some are repairable and some are not),

    the page TP-250 1/4 HP Utility Pump - RIDGID Professional Tools shows it having a three year warenty,RIDGID Water Pump Limited Three Year Warranty - RIDGID Professional Tools

    hope you get working again,

    most likely if you attempt to work on it you may void any warranty it may have,
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