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Gotta love inspectors!

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  • Gotta love inspectors!

    Dug up a leaking waterline at a brand new house that nobody has lived in yet and found a pex water service and they used a sharkbite male adapter to tie it in to the regulator.

    The other day was in just occupied apartments that they must have turned the breaker on the water heater before filling with water cause had to replace upper element and saw a expansin tank attached horizontally to the copper with no hanger stap to support it just attached by the female copper adapter. Thats gonna cause problems in the future. Not sure what the point of the inspection is if they cant catch some of this obvious stuff.

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    Re: Gotta love inspectors!

    Here it actually legal to run pex in from the curb as long as you use compression connectors unfortunetly sharkbites are also allowed to be buried. Never have done either won't ever do either but I do run into it not sharkbites yet... But I find poly b watermains with crimps underground.. stupid people as far as inspectors go it likes police it politions the odd one cares and tries to better the trade " and has commonsense" but lots don't......I hate expansion tanks I like Apollo expansion valves.


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      Re: Gotta love inspectors!

      out here a 2 unit building is a bmi/ combination inspector. pretty useless for real trades inspections.

      3 unit and above is a commercial plumbing inspector.

      got into a big debate years back with the chief city of la inspector concerning this exact matter on a live radio show.

      i grilled him so hard that he ended the call with a promise to have his head deputy call me off air to discuss the matter.

      6 weeks later he called and got a grilling too.

      basically all they're worried about is buildings holding up to earthquakes.

      what a joke.

      phoebe it is