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  • Really really funny thread

    This is from another forum and it is got me on the ground rollin the old lady thinks something was wrong with me when I was reading it.
    Re: Underpinning And Sewer

    Originally Posted by Snt
    We have underpinned the basement and gone down more than 2 feet. Our main connection to the city sewage system is now above us. How does that work and how do we reconnect.

    Above all, make sure the inspector is there to watch when you do the reconnect. It's best you try and get him to show up maybe 10 or 15 minutes after you start the "tapping" process described below.

    First: Dig around the pipe and clean it off real good using steel wool and some dawn dish detergent. Rinse it off well with straight bleach or varsol or a product called "chlordane".

    Then wrap the pipe with like two layers of duck tape (not "duct" tape) along maybe 18" of its length. Make it three layers of duck tape if you want a really good job.

    Next, take a razor knife and cut a nice neat hole out of the duct tape on the side of the pipe nearest the building in whatever size hole you need for the new connection. If you just cut a 6" hole that should be fine.

    Get 3 cans of spray foam (like the kind RINO1494 uses to seal around pipes), a decent size ball peen hammer (at least 2#), an oxygen/acetylene torch kit, a buch of old rags and a short piece of any kind of 4" or 5" diameter pipe ("orangeburg" is a good kind for this application) maybe 3' long.

    If the pipe is transit or concrete: Take the hammer and start "tapping" the pipe right at the center of the hole you cut in the tape. By "tapping" I mean beat on the pipe as hard as you f'n can making sure to hit it in the same spot each time (it's best if you can schedule inspection so the inspector shows up right about now). Eventually you'll start to see a small hole take shape. Once you've started a small hole in the pipe (the size of the ball peen) begin making it larger by working your way around the edges of the hole with successive blows.
    If the pipe is metal use the torch to just burn a hole in the same location as you'd other wise "tap".

    Heer's the part where you gotta' work quick: Once you've got the hole big enough, stick the short piece of pipe in (being sure to push it all the way into the existing pipe until it hits the far side of the inside of the existing pipe) and quickly jam rags into any gaps between the new pipe and the hole and then spray the foam sealant all over the rags being sure to cover the rags well all around the outside of the pipe. It's OK if parts of the rags which kinda' hang beyond the hole don't get covered. You can just trim them off neatly afterthe foam sets.

    Always be sure to get your inspector to "sign off" on the connection before backfilling.

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    Re: Really really funny thread

    I would think u could take pictures and backfill that way the inspector can show his peers what a good job you did....


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      Re: Really really funny thread

      Don't forget to back fill and compact the inspector !
      I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .


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        Re: Really really funny thread

        Duck tape, rags, orangeburg and spray foam. Sounds good to me. And burning a hole in metal pipe is pro.