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Need info on a Ridgid Super Eight

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  • Need info on a Ridgid Super Eight

    I had won an Ebay auction for a Ridgid Super Eight pipe wrench which I will be adding to my collection. The jaw opens to 8 inches, it is 54 inches for total length and weighs 40 pounds. Also the handle has a double piviot hinge which alows the wrench to fold in half. This does not seem to be too new of a wrench, it has an even amount of surface rust with no signs of paint remaining. If someone could give me some information (time period they were made or any thing else) on this wrench I would appreciate it.

    Thank you,

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    The wrench you got is a compound leverage wrench. It is used to break free frozen fittings. We have made this wrench for a while and in fact, we still do. Here is a link to our catalog that explains more. I hope this helps.