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Question on a Kitchen Sink Drain

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    That was a good description. From what you have written, you have an unvented S trap down through the floor and connecting in to your house drain below. Since the line does drain you do not have a blockage in the pipe.

    Do you have any vents through the roof, or possibly even through the wall?

    There are some mechanical vents available on the market that will allow you to do just a little bit of modification to your sink drain which will allow you to prevent your trap from siphoning which is what is causing your noise. They will work in a pinch but they are not a permenant fix. I would be fined heavily and possibly even lose my license if I installed one anywhere in the State of Ill.

    To vent your drain and sewer system properly you really need to vent the system to the outside atmosphere. It causes my arthritis to hurt even more to type this, but go ahead and temporarily install a mechanical vent until you are ready to do some remodle work.

    When you are ready to invest some money in your home to make it worth more and to make your mechanical systems work properly then make sure every fixture in your home is properly vented.
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