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Double riser 2 way cleanout- City of Toronto

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    Re: Double riser 2 way cleanout- City of Toronto

    Originally posted by Don the plumber View Post
    They don't require 2 way clean outs here. So I have never had to install one. But I have one question. When the sewer is backed up & full, both clean outs will be full to top, how are you suppose to know which clean out goes which way? In both illustrations you would use the opposite clean out. And when the sewer is full, alot of times its hard to tell which way your going with cable. Now I agree with Ratz totally, but after the pipe is buried, unless your the one that installed it, it could be confusing to have to run the cable through upstream clean out, to go downstream, & vice versa. No? I know its not a big deal, just wanted to get your thoughts on this.
    If the stoppage was upstream you would not see it at either cleanout. The cleanout facing upstream is there for those stoppages that do not show in the riser.

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      Re: Double riser 2 way cleanout- City of Toronto

      It is very rare to see someone install two wyes for a clean out around here. 99% of the clean outs installed are Sanitary tees. One of the first things my father taught me was to know which way your rod is going in a clean out that is full. Its mostly done by feel and how the cable is laying in the riser pipe. So when it comes to the double wye set up I will know the instant my cable makes the turn which direction it is going. In a sanitary tee, it takes me about a minute to be 100% sure which direction the rod went. Now some may ask how do you get your rod to go the right direction, that is just a learned skill and once you learn it 99% of the time you will get the rod to go the right way the first try.
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        Re: Double riser 2 way cleanout- City of Toronto

        Picture #2 is the only correct way in my area. Out here the cleanout closest to the building runs to the tap, the second cleanout runs to the building.


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          Re: Double riser 2 way cleanout- City of Toronto

          i've used san tees too as it will go downstream in the blind with the line full of waste.

          going back upstream is also pretty easy as the only reason to run upstream is when the line is dry and you can see the bottom of the tee.

          now the real trick is getting a cable reversed in a comby. with my 7/8'' reverse auger it's pretty simple. i can easily get my jetter hose and my micro drain and micro reel backward through a comby.

          but i am a firm believer that a san tee is the great fitting to use as it still pretty much automatically will go downstream and when needed easily go reverse/ upstream.

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            I have seen a configuration as originally posted in the Toronto photo, on a few projects. The reason being that it allows more flexibility for the riser placement if they need to be very close together based on conditions at the surface. One project in particular comes to mind in which the local jurisdiction required a double cleanout and also required a long sweep fitting on the riser. Had we placed the wyes “face to face”, the risers would have been too far apart at the surface for the space in which they needed to fit. However, placing them back-to-back allowed us to place them very close together such that the flanges on the manhole covers could abut each other and we were able to fit them into a tight space. The concern regarding creating a section of the pipe between the risers that was inaccessible by the cleanouts was raised, but was rationalized that it was extremely unlikely that a clog would form at that exact spot, and given the other constraints and requirements, the back-to-back configuration was the best solution under the circumstances. Earlier comments suggested a backwater valve between the risers, which is also a great idea, if space allows.


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              Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_20191102-065025_Drive.jpg
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ID:	741922 Once again, look up a "Texas Twin" cleanout. The one pictured is Charlotte brand. Tyler also makes an identical one. The 4" risers are within inches of eachother. And they are designed to overlap the small center section so there is no dead area.

              Doesn't take up much room and it only comes in 4" no hub I believe.

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