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  • Draining problem

    For cooloing our product after it comes out of the extruder we use cooling tanks. Each tank has two primary drains that are linked to the main drain under the sub-floor. The water returns to the drain resivior which is pumped out and moved up to the rad to be cooled, then back down through two other resiviors and sent back out to the water tanks and throat cooling by another pump. Just over a year ago the old millwright installed screens over the primary drains to stop unwanted particals of plastic from getting into the pumps. The screen started to create terbulance causing air to get trapped, thus making the tanks over-flow. So I installed breather tubes that fall into drip buckets. So when the level of the drain rises the excess water would drain out into the drip buckets. It was basicly a band-aid on a band-aid and now that the drains are getting worse the drip buckets are being filled constantly. Would removing the drip-buckets and breather hoses, the primary drain screens and installing a sump pump to draw the water directly to the main drain help? By removing the screen would the small bits of plastic cause that much or any damage to the pump impellers? The whole system is gravity fed until the water reaches the pumps which assist in moving the water through the cooling end of the system. I am also temped to purchase a snake and camera to clean out the drains. Any help would be greatly appriciated for I am some what new to these draining issues.
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