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  • Round-up Down-under

    Hey Josh, any chance we can get Head Office to sponsor an event down-under. With the odds we can get on the Bill vs The Milkshake, sorry Plumber Rick that is, I reckon the TV Rights alone would pay for the event and plenty.

    Hands up Aussie Plumbers, we need to start lobbying. Of course the German mob starting with R might also want to come along too. We can get them to put the shrimps on the BARBY, BBQ in our terms.

    Come on Aussies Come on Come on....................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Round-up Down-under

    make a date and i'll be there. baby phoebe will be my corner man

    i'll have to break out the 1500 to make the big shakes.

    of course bill can always host it in his parking lot if need be.

    start throwing around a date so we can get others to get on board.

    count 3 of us in

    phoebe it is