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Ultra water conservation a problem ?

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    Re: Ultra water conservation a problem ?

    I realize there are costs related to distributing and cleaning water, but in my opinion, a lot of the money collected by many municipalities is wasted on things totally unrelated to water. We have an outfit here that just popped up about 20 years ago. It's called Tampa Bay Water. It constists of (near as I can tell) county commissioners from a 4 county area. They have done so many stupid things that have always ended up in litigation and legal fees to the tune of millions. We have a reservoir with cracks as wide as I-75, and has no water. It's been like this for at least 4 years. We have a De-Sal plant in Tampa bay that took years to get working and has way less production of fresh water than first promised. That was a major expense. My question is: Where did this money come from in the first place?