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Charity with dignity.

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  • Charity with dignity.

    Sometimes you end up on a service call where you can see the customer is screwed in some way and you would like to help them. I've had experiences where when I tell them it's a freebie their pride is hurt a bit. Yesterday I came up with an easy way to avoid the situation. Just charge them. LOL. Just kidding. I told this one customer when she was going to get her checkbook that She didn't have to pay today. She looked at me with a sort of confused expression, and I got the heck out of there. I think she's expecting a bill in the mail.
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    Re: Charity with dignity.

    i tell them, i'll catch them next time meaning bill them the next time i'm there.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Charity with dignity.

      Read in a timeless book about taking care of the widows and orphans. Seems I run across that on a weekly basis.

      Note: Just after writing this, one of my widowed neighbors drops by and asks if I could come over and see why her toilet tank is leaking.
      Well, yes I can. Replaced the tank to bowl gasket and was on my way.

      God Bless Us Everyone.
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        Re: Charity with dignity.

        I got into an argument with a customer over this. I had asked for a check for $50, she knew I had more time into it than that, wanted to pay me $400. We went back and forth for a minute, I agreed to take a check for $100, she comes out with a check for $250 and says she will be personally and deeply offended if I do not cash the check.... I was halfway tempted to write down the account numberoff of the check and re deposit the $ once the check cleared, but I knew she would know who did it, or trip some sort of fraud alert, or other sorts of problems and just took the money.
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          Re: Charity with dignity.

          as a long time " lurker " on this forum ( mech / pipe fitter so not really a plumber ), just gotta say it warms my heart to see you guys that cut those in need a little slack
          know a lotta good, honest plumbers & tradesmen, and you guys seem to care about " people " , as they do
          as some one that does most of my own stuff, does not bother me to pay the going rate when i need to call some one in, as i can afford it, but again , nice to see guys that that cut people a break when they know they need it well done fellas