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Smoke comming out my ears

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  • Smoke comming out my ears

    Last week i looked at a jails Delaney flush valves that all of a sudden started running
    I looked at one and they told me then some one else had cut another one out and capped the 1" cop line I'm thinking what a idiot
    so i got the parts today to fix 3 of commodes it would of taken less than 15 min apiece
    But that soma"B*cut the others 3 i got the parts for and capped them too
    bent and broke what ever he had to to pry the valve out of the way
    did i say i was pissed
    5 year apprentice no ins what was he even their for (weekend in jail )
    it just burns my tax paying A$$

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    Re: Smoke comming out my ears

    I would drop the parts back off to them with an invoice for parts and labor incurred. Then wait for them to respond. Your bill would be fair and legitimate.


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      Re: Smoke comming out my ears

      I cooled off a little and went back and fixed the one com, we converted the bent vac brk tube to Sloan ,and got it flushing
      Gave the sheriff the extra parts , and let him know how i felt about it


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        Re: Smoke comming out my ears

        Dang that felt good