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Ridgid 700 loosing grease!

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  • Ridgid 700 loosing grease!

    my ridgid 700 power head is loosing grease from the back side. Do I need a new seal? their tech page does not list a grease seal. It does show a grease fitting, but my machine does not have a grease fitting. Any info would be appreciated.

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    When you see grease that is a good thing(GREASE IS GOOD). IF THE GREASE bothers you take out the 8 bolts holding the cover plate and repake it with fresh grease. now there is no seal to worry about, the only thing you can check to see if there is a lot of play in the face gear assy. where the grease is comming out.if there is you might want to change the head bearing.


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      Thanks for the info. No slack, just a little grease oozing out.