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What's your best guess:

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    Re: What's your best guess:

    big thrust block on a water line

    @ alpha.........never seen a wooden water line??


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      Re: What's your best guess:

      I accidently found a undocumented escape tunnel leading from the Pentagon to a grocery store basement a half mile away. Some men in black suits told me to keep quiet about it so don't mention this to anyone.

      Could it be an old steam tunnel?


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        Re: What's your best guess:

        Originally posted by ArizonaPlumber View Post
        Redwood water line?


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          Re: What's your best guess:

          Some great guesses. Here is what they found. (all see if he has any pictures I can post)

          They found a wooden pipe from the late 1800's that was used to supply Coal Gas to all the gas street lites in downtown Phoenix. The minute they unearthed the pipe the entire project got shut down.
          It turned into a major HazMat cleanup. Apparently the Coal dust that is left in these old pipes is considered highly toxic.

          Side Note: I had to look up Coal Gas on Google because I had never heard of it before. Sure enough that was one of the ways they used to supply gas street lanterns.


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            Re: What's your best guess:

            Pretty fascinating. Im definetly intrigue about the concept of coal gas. I ll definetly google it also. But did you say Wooden pipes? that is crazy! Makes you think, that was top notch technology back then.
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              Re: What's your best guess:

              Originally posted by SewerRat View Post
              High pressure jet fuel line serving an airport.
              That happened to me. Fortunately, it didn't break.
              Never seen a redwood water line. But I have seen a redwood sewer line.

              Before natural gas, there was coal gas.


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                Re: What's your best guess:

                they also had carbide generators that made acetylene gas for gas lights, many a farm had them, it was couple of tanks one that was in another that would float up as the acetylene was made by dropping carbide in the water, (my guess is the level of the floating tank controlled the feed system) and that was piped into the buildings for gas lights, I have seen two generators, but was not able to study them,
                (here is a DIY unit but most likely would have worked like the commercial units), Acetylene Generator For Magic Lanterns
                some pictures of some leaking acetylene gas that exploded, Even a small cylinder of acetylene can do a LOT OF DAMAGE... - My Firefighter Nation.
                it seems to be hard on vans and pickup,
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