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  • favorite on-line, etc suppliers for...

    commercial faucets. need some 4" backsplash ones. is krowne junk or ok? and what are your thoughts in general for restaurant duty faucets? somehow 'chicago' makes me think of harbor freight, though it's pretty decent.

    dome strainers for floor sinks (in pvc; the Al ones just corrode away)

    white jacketed fiberglass process pipe insulation

    heat tape, and also what heat tape do you like and what do you hate? I'm partial to the heavier stuff sold for roofs, but it is expensive.

    I get a lot of stuff from barnett. I'm striking out there on this stuff, which doesn't mean they don't sell it. I hate their interface but like their pricing and delivery.

    please don't say grainger. If I wanted to get bent over, I'd stick to the local supply houses who at least say 'hi' first.
    This is my reminder to myself that no good will ever come from discussing politics or religion with anyone, ever.