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Delta faucet from Bad to Worse ?

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  • Delta faucet from Bad to Worse ?

    Did a job last week came in after a "Handyman" LOL Brand new "Plastic Delta" had been installed

    Sediment had been released into system and clogged faucet spent 30 minuted trying to blow out sediment with compressed air and water ... No Dice :-(

    Got system flushed out Customer came out with another new Delta . I opened the box and had to bite my tongue ...Holy cow , this thing looks just like the Chinese "Clones" cheap copper flex supplies and overall sloppy feel .. Installed it customer happy ... I'm not ...

    So now we have Cheap Chinese Deltas complete with Lead !

    Anybody else seen these ?

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    Re: Delta faucet from Bad to Worse ?

    I think we have complained about these somewhere on here....I know I did on another forum....I even talked to a Delta Rep. and sent countless emails.....I now will only furnish Gerber.....I will install any customer supplied but only warranty labor.....
    Poor Planning On Your Part Does Not Constitute An Emergency On My Part!!
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