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200A slow death

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  • 200A slow death

    I put a 200A in my own toilet in 1984 when i was a apprentice
    I'm still not going to change it yet, just to see how long it goes , right now it just has a delay after the flush but it will fill it up..dont want to change the seal knowing the age of the weakened plastic once touched

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    Re: 200A slow death

    You are right about the plastic. I've had more than one break (spontaneously) at the base and shoot the top of the valve up like a missile to the ceiling as soon as the lid was removed. Unless you have someone at home all the time I wouldn't risk it, personally. Not to mention the blue water I've seen coming out of the faucets when those things siphon. Yuk.
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      Re: 200A slow death

      wasn't the 200 a non code/ non anti siphon ballcock?

      was that the one with the wire clip to hold on the cap?

      phoebe it is


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        Re: 200A slow death

        It was the old orange one
        im sure it is against all codes we have now
        You adjust the level with a clip like you would find on a pop up drain