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Round or elongated ?

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  • Round or elongated ?

    Customer has a poor flushing Kholer one piece toilet. Will be ordering a toto ultramax.
    Plenty of clearance in front. Single Gal ,Her bedroom bath. Would You always go elongated,or round for a gal? Thanks Tool Ps ,She does have a boyfriend,doesn't live there.
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    Re: Round or elongated ?

    If there's room, I always go enlongated. They just look better and flush better in my opinion. According to the comparison charts though (MaP), the two-piece combination toilets nearly always flush better than the one-piece toilets.
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      Re: Round or elongated ?

      Elongated, elongated, elongated.

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        Re: Round or elongated ?

        elongated if they fit.

        round front typically clean better as there is less surface area for the limited bowl flush rim.

        1 pc. kohler rialto toilets are junk. i've replaced more factory ballcocks on those than any other toilet out there. still sitting on a case of 50 factory kohler 1b1x ballcocks with the secondary float and brass shanks.

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          Re: Round or elongated ?

          TALL, ELONGATED!! Love mine..