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One big ASBESTOS Stuff-up

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  • One big ASBESTOS Stuff-up

    Breaking news today, $500k +++++ bill for unlicensed, uninsured hack cleaning asbestos roof with high pressure cleaner. Dusted the neighbors with three types of death. So neighbor gets pissed off and goes public. Now the fight begins. Down here we have many authorities, all totally reactive, not procactive. Double standards, you bet. If we did something like that we would be swinging from the flagpole and have our butt sued by every ambulance chasing solicitor in the Nation. Why, because we are honest, professional tradesmen with standards we abide by.
    I guess this is just letting the world know that we have regulators down here who are useless cowards who take wages and salaries through fraud as they certainly dont earn them aas they dont do what they are paid to do. amazing how we all are subjected to the addage that it is not about the money it is about getting the job done properly. With all of the publicity through James Hardie and their Asbestos claims it is unbelieveably how the H/O still doesnt check the Contractor. Maybe if the Authorities do their job right in this case the H/O will lose their house in legal claims against them. Hard lesson but got to start making examples somewhere dont you think

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    Re: One big ASBESTOS Stuff-up

    The next door neighbour should have shut his mouth and hosed the asbestos off his house now he is going to go through a hell of legal bullsh=t over many years his house will be unsaleable and will be the one that cops it and where the so called asbestos cleaner will walk away as he I assume he will cry "I have no money honey" I am dirt poor.
    This is how it is how many people do you see on the current affair programs where the builder has done a crap job or gone broke and the home owner is out a pocket and all the insurances they have paid to prevent this are worthless even with us where we have to have plumbing insurance is worthless its all a con just look where our plumbing industry board is located in the airconditioned palace at Doctlands while you and me are out in all weather and we have to pay for these bluggers