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Frostproof Mansfield freezing

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  • Frostproof Mansfield freezing

    Would a frost proof spigot freeze if it was back pitched? Keep in mind it is installed in the furnace room, open ceiling.

    I just changed one out, split due to freezing. I think the hose was connected.

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    Re: Frostproof Mansfield freezing

    If the split was within a inch or two from the wall....then yes...could have been from a breeze hitting the penetration point....if further back then not so probable.....IMO...
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      Re: Frostproof Mansfield freezing

      I've seen them split when they're back pitched. But adding a hose that was still attached is just asking for a split. I get more than a few every season and It's a good idea to cover the hose bib outside too, you can buy the kit and sell them to your customers. I use the Harvey brand. They're an easy cheap add on to a service call.


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        Re: Frostproof Mansfield freezing

        IronRanger, is spot on sell the people a sillcock cover.

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          Re: Frostproof Mansfield freezing

          And we all know they dont remember leaving a hose on it