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Bag Traps "Do you like em or Hate em"

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    Re: Bag Traps "Do you like em or Hate em"

    Originally posted by toolaholic View Post
    Where did the name "BAG TRAP " come from? Doesn't seem a proper name. I've always put in 17 Ga. chrome.
    Thanks guys for all your imput. What I meant was tubluar traps. I say bag traps because I figured most contractors would already know the term. I apologize I may get carried away with the plumbing lingo. I will try to be more proper next time. But yes that was what I meant. They are basic tublar traps in a bag, easy to install and cost efficient. Believe me It blew my mind to. That all he could find wrong is he didn't like the traps. HEY I ll have to start asking next time up front.
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      Re: Bag Traps "Do you like em or Hate em"

      Everything else was so nice he probably needed to gripe about something. They work great and are much more durable than brass.


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        Re: Bag Traps "Do you like em or Hate em"

        Originally posted by ironranger View Post
        I do mostly service work and I go through many "bags" of tubular traps, tail pieces, extensions, dishwasher y's, and end outlets, bags and bags of them.
        Anyone see the newer end outlets with the dishwasher Y already installed as part of the end outlet? I never saw them before until recently but I do carry them now. Cheaper than buying both the end outlet and the dishwasher Y.
        I've never had anyone say they want a better trap than what I'm installing.


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          Re: Bag Traps "Do you like em or Hate em"

          I have been using them. I went on a drain job outside of D.C. kitchen drain and they had a garbage disposer and a 1-1/2" tubular trap . It actually made the cleaning go easier since I could go straight into the drain instead of up thru a sch 40 trap ARM also did not have to worry about grinding the ground joint up with the 5/8" cable! After I got done I hooked the "bag" trap back up and all is well I have been using them ever since.