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Heads up on 2012 price increases:

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  • Heads up on 2012 price increases:

    Just got an email from my inside rep at Ferguson with an attached spread sheet of manufacture increases for 2012. Virtually everyone, across the board is having from 2%-10%, so check with your suppliers. Here are a couple from the list that will effect us in SoCal. May not be the same for all you guys. I would post the entire thing but it consists of over 900 vendor line items.

    A.O. Smith ----- 4%
    Lenox Brazing
    Products .......... 7%
    Lenox Solder ..... 6%

    Viega: Pipe ...... 2%
    Viega ProPress
    Fittings.............. 2%-4%
    Viega Tools ...... 3%
    Viega Pex ........ 7%

    Kohler ..... 2%-4%

    BrassCraft 3%-9%
    Wilkens 5%-8%

    Nibco 6%-8%

    Zurn 4%-10%

    Oately 7%-14%

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    Re: Heads up on 2012 price increases:

    It's to be expected. Copper prices are way up again. One thing I don't have to worry about is the price of solder. I still have the same half a roll I've been talking about for the last 12 months! LOL I did read that Viega is coming out with (or already did) plastic fittings for their pureflow pex system. Before this you had to use the bronze fittings only. I'm looking forward to using the new pureflow plastic fittings. I'm sure it will be a real cost saver.


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      Re: Heads up on 2012 price increases:

      Iv been using wirsbo engeenered plastic fittings for Ã* few months Still skeptical but sûre cheaper 75% From thé LEAD free brass ones..


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        Re: Heads up on 2012 price increases:

        Wait till to see what the increases are in the fines for moving violations.
        We don't have preventative maintenance around here, we have CRISIS MANAGEMENT!