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viega internal recirculation system????????????;;;

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  • viega internal recirculation system????????????;;;

    Have any of toi installed one of these systems.. found it on you tube basically you run your risers in propress and a 3/8 pex line is fed down inside the riser and taken off the top fixture and ran back to your source of hot water special propress "cup" fittings are used in the run of a tee at the bottom basically using your hot water as insulation on your recirc line seems pretty inovative i definetly would have concerns but what a neat concept.. my question is "never have used propress" is there anyway to take apart propress fittings if you ever had a problem with the internal pex? Thanx seanny

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    Re: viega internal recirculation system????????????;;;

    I use both Viega pureflow pex and propress. I've never used the recirc system they offer but have seen good results from others that have. You can't take apart a propress fitting but they can be cut out and the pex can easily be cut and repaired if needed. Remember no flame, no harm done.