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Bid Scam ?

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  • Bid Scam ?

    Got a cold call from some foreclosure recovery company yesterday . (They are out of state)

    they want a FREE Bid to cap lines and replace fixtures .

    The bid involves about 2 hours time with photographs .

    They are overnighting a key .

    They are wanting an "Attractive" bid so it appeals to the bank .

    I think the chances of getting this job is rather slim , so why should I bother ?

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    Re: Bid Scam ?

    Unless you are hungry, I would not bother. Getting paid is a nightmare. Wait on this, we did not get this, the deal did not go thru, they want you to do this too, oh the check is in the mail (again....)
    We don't have preventative maintenance around here, we have CRISIS MANAGEMENT!


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      Re: Bid Scam ?

      We NEVER deal with out of state companies, cause it's a nightmare to get paid.

      A few years ago we were contacted to bid on an Applebees restaurant in our area. This guy flew in from out of state to meet with us, and he told us this were their terms..

      - Bill heavily on the first 2 drawls, cause we wouldn't see the 3rd drawl.

      - If we were behind on our end of the work, we would be back charged no questions asked. So that meant if the carpenter was behind which put us behind...we all got back charged.

      - down money at all.

      We said "thanks but No thanks", and the guy kind of kicked an attitude towards us. We turned around and firmly told him OUR stipulations, and unless Applebees was going to meet those demands, to go find someone else.

      Well they did find someone else, and it was a friend of ours in the trade. He asked us "why" we didn't take the job, and we told him we didn't trust them and they wouldn't bend to our terms. Well, we saw him a few months later when the job was over, and he said to us, "You guys were right, we got stuck for $40,000"!!

      Damn near put him out of business.

      Your time is worth want a check up front for your time with the bid or tell him to go pound sand.


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        Re: Bid Scam ?

        One piece of advice that I have driven into a lot of trainees and business owners' heads is that, if that little voice in your head is saying something isn't right, listen to it. It knows far more than you do; it's called intuition. It comes from ten thousand years of avoiding getting eaten, now it protects us from getting screwed

        Learning when to say no was by far the highest R.O.I. ever in my own business.

        Unless you are able to charge for your time and collect at the time of service for an elaborate estimate, imho you would be further ahead if you used those two hours you would have spent and refer that call to any of your local unethical competitors and go get some lunch.

        Be well,



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          Re: Bid Scam ?

          My two cents. One I never give a free quote to someone I don't know. This is how I handle request like yours, and yes I have been contacted in the past to do similiar things.

          "We will be happy to provide a job walk thru and quote on the project, You want us to blah, blah, blah, no problem. I am figuring that job walk, calculations, contacting vendors, travel time, photography, final estimation, job costing, overnight delivery will run approximately $xxxx.xx dollars. We send that information overnight within 72 hours of the walk thru. We will require payment within five days of receipt of the package. However before we proceed all need to email you over our contract and a credit application. You will need to get those back to my office manager,_____ as soon as possible so that she can process it and get you guys set up in our system............................

          Those simple lines weeds out the B.S. from the real companies......................

          PS: We do no work for anyone unless they sign our contract, period, little to no exceptions.
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            Re: Bid Scam ?

            I declined the bid Thanks guys !