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I was USED again.

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  • I was USED again.

    A local dock builder called and asked for an estimate for re-piping two large docks with water for each slip and fire stations at certainer intervals(3" sch 80 mains, multiple offsets for the long runs, special stainless hangers made to order etc.). We did quite a bit of research on what is required and tracked down all the vendors for the pricing of the mostly special order materials. As soon as we delivered the bid the dock builder stopped taking our calls.
    The property having the work done is one of my regular customers. They didn't know I was bidding on the work until I told them. The dock company told them they have an in-house plumbing crew.
    The property manager asked for a bid directly from us when he found out. I'm not sure, legally, if I can do that. I'm enclined to give them a bid, but I may just be pissed from doing all the leg work.

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    Re: I was USED again.

    one of the many reasons i left that area, though i know stuff like this happens all the time anywhere and everywhere. just low ball the heck out of that bid.
    9/11/01, never forget.


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      Re: I was USED again.

      I admire the folks back in the 30s. coal oil down the smoke stack
      I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .


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        Re: I was USED again.

        I'm sorry.

        PM me the company name please.


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          Re: I was USED again.

          Yes you can legally give the property owner a bid. I would have the property owner get a copy of their plumbing lic. & copy of the permit. If they have no permit turn them in. What probably happened was they got a cheaper price from some other plumbing company.


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            Re: I was USED again.

            If they have an in house plumbing crew as mentioned on the first post, essentially he just told them where to find the materials for the job and how to do it. They never intended to use his services, just get a free "tell us how to do our job and find the material" session. I assume the bid was very detailed spelling out vendors and parts?

            IMO there is nothing wrong with giving a tennant or property manager or owner of the building a bid for anything. Tennants can leave you high and dry (if the owner does the paperwork you can't file a lien on the property) but all three for the most part can take bids and hire somebody to perform work.

            I am under the impression that any kind of fire safety plumbing needs to be done by a contractor specifically licensed to do so, normal plumbers would get in trouble for working outside the scope of their license. This varies from state to state, and I could be dead wrong. How are they going to get away with doing in house plumbing and fire stations without somebody having a license or a journeymans card? On commercial/industrial stuff, the average hack (in house or not) has no place doing the work without proper credentials.
            We don't have preventative maintenance around here, we have CRISIS MANAGEMENT!


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              Re: I was USED again.

              Just another example of why we never give detailed quotes for free.....

              In your case we would have done the leg work and would have quoted it just like this.

              " The cost including labor, materials, shipping, taxes, permits, fees etc.... is $xx,xxx.xx.

              All information used to develop this quote is considered proprietary and confidential.



              Yes I have actually given quotes like this. One example of this was Back in 1998. I was approached by a commercial refrigeration company in L.A. to develop a high purity water treatment plant for a Korean company in Baja California. The Korean company operated a Squid processing plant five months out of the year in Baja and needed high purity water to operate the plant.

              We spent about two weeks researching the project, drawing up schematics, and writing up the bid. When we had the presentation meeting with all the parties involved, (a 'S' load of Asians at the L.A. companies Conference room). We brought two sets of documents. The first set was so generic it basically was a "See Spot Run" type presentation. We handed those out to everyone. The second, project ready docs, we put on an easel and basically flipped through them, using them as a selling point. When the presentation was all over we gathered up all the detailed information and placed it in our portfolio folder. I handed the Asians a two paragraph quote.

              When they said they had to think about it and review our detailed documents I simply said this.

              Oh, you want to review the documents. No problem the detailed project drawings will cost you $10,000.00 today, and $25,000.00 if you decide you want them at a later date. We consider these project ready documents and drawing, proprietary and secret to our company, however I will deduct any monies paid from the project contract upon signing.

              If was pretty funny looking at the faces of all these Asians, Like Deer in Headlights. Needless to say we did not get involved with the project. Years later I ran into the owner of the Asian company that had brought us into the project. I asked him what happened. He said they went through with there end of the deal and got stiffed for $250,000.00 by the Koreans. Asians screwing Asians who knew....


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                Re: I was USED again.

                I agree, be basic in you bid quote unless they are wanting you to write the specs for this job which is something totally different.